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Friday July 25th, 2014


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CPG & ITLC Reports communications planning group, cpg, information technology leadership council, itlc
Caller ID Information caller id
smartphones cell, nextel, verizon, sprint, t-mobile, cellular, cell phones, cellphones, cell phone discounts, cell phone discount, cellular discount
Telephone Information nextel, verizon, sprint, t-mobile, phone, cisco phones, telephone, telephone\', telephones, cellular, cell phones, Qwest card, telephone bill, phones, cellphones, cell phone discounts, cell phone discount, cellular discount, campus phone
Server Registration Form server registrations, server registration, server, register a server, dns registration, system registration, server reg, server registration form, registration server, register server, server register, register machines, sever registration, blocking ports, server registration tool, unregister server, registering your computer
Computer & Network Use Policy computer and network use policy, computer use policy, computing policy, tlecommunication policy, telecommunication policy, Use policy, web use policy, computer policy, electronic use policy, electronic communication policy, sending email policies
Compter Lab Coordinators clc, computer lab coordinators
Computing Support Coordinators computing support coordinators, computer support coordinators, csc, computer technician, computing coordinator, computer coordinator, coordinators, csc list, computer support coordinators list, CSCs
Sponsored UCInetIDs sponsored UCINet ID, guest netid, guest, guest, sponsored, guest account, guest ucinetid, sponsored ucinetid, guid, guest uci netid, sponsored accounts, email for visitors, guestid, getting a guest address, guest id, GUESTS, guest email, guest uciid, guest registration, guest net id, guest email account, guest mobile, guest e-mail, sponsor, sponser, guest uci net id, guest ucnet id, sponsored email, guest login, guest ucinet id, guest acct, sponsored uci-net id, UCINet for guest, sponsored ucinet, sponsored ids, sponsored id, sponsered id, guest accounts, Guest ucinet
Data Backup and Recovery Services data back up, recovery, backup, legato, backups, document backup
Department Firewall Support firewall, nacs firewall, campus firewall
Email Services email, imap, pop, e-mail, mail, pop3, smtp, inbox, email address, mail box, e-mail accounts, how to check email, email accounts, enterprise services, enterprise service, Outlook configuration, uci email, emails, oit mailbox services, NACS mailbox services, email mac, new email, oit email, nacs email, employee e-mail, mail address, e mail, how to get e-mail, NACS MailBox email, smpt, check uci email, e-mail support, nacs mailbox service, oit mailbox service, UCI mailbox, staff email, OIT mailbox, email access, incoming mailserver
Forwarding UCI Email autoforward, forward eudora, change delivery point, delivery point, forward mail, email unforwarding, mail forwarding, email fowarding, auto forward my email, forward, forward email, email forward, forward e-mail, fowarding, automatically forward email, forward all mails, foward, FORWARDING EMAIL TO ANOTHER ACOUNT, email forwardin, forward webmail, fowarding email, .forward, mail forward, forewarding email, foward mail, forwarding email, forward emails, forwarding emails, forwarding mail, forwarding address, foward email, forwarding e-mail, Forwarding, email forwarding, forward uci email, email delivery, mail forwardin, message forward, redirect email, how do i forward, forward to another email, forwarding e-mails, email foward, mail fowarding, e-mail forwarding, webmail forward, forward e-mails, automatically fowarding email, forward address, transfer e-mail, fowarding mail, how do i forward email, forward emal, forward to different email, forwarding webmail to google, forward to another address, forwarded e-mail, having email forwarded, update delivery point, Forward my email to Gmail, forwarding webmail, forward all emails, forward squirrel mail, forward uci mail, cancel mail forwarding, webmail forwarding, forward e--mail, email forwarnding, email delivery point, email forewarding, gmail forward webmail, mail forwording, forwarding uci email, dforward, send to another email account, email redirect, forward mac mail, redirecting email, email forawrd, how to change your delivery point, forward mail to another account, set delivery point
Electronic Educational Environment eee, course email, course websites, e3, electronic educational environment, eee.uci.edy,, ee, EEE Courses, eeee, blackbeard, myeee, my eee, course website, eeeuciedu, EEE eeeuciedu euciedu, class website, class websites, course management, EEE login
Group UCInetIDs group ids, group UCInetIDs, group account, groups, Group UCINetID, group, group netid, group ucitnetid, group UCInet ID, activate group ucinetid, Activate a group ID, gropu, group e-mail, group account members, group id, group accounts, grou UCnetID, group email, group uci netID, maintaining group ucinetid, groupid, group id request, group id activation, set up group ucinetid
High Performance Computing Resources hi performance, high performance computing, hpc, mpc, npaci
IS-3 Electronic Information Security is3, sb1385, data security, information security, EIR, eir inventory, IS-3
IP Address Request Form ip address request, ip request, ip registration, request IP address, unregistered IP addresses, host registration, ip address request form, uci ip address, aquiring IP address, register ucinet, reuest IP, ip request status, register ip address, static ip, registering ip address, ip addres, register host name, ip request form, static ip address request, register ip, ip activiation, request ip
LDAP Directory Service ldap, directory service, ucildap, ladp, ph ldap, eudora phone listing, ladap, lpad, ldap server, ldap search base, kerberos, LDAP schema, ldap eudora, ldap settings, ldap thunderbird, ldapservice, ldap phonebook
Software Licensing Database matlab, mcafee, mochasoft, putty, retrospect, sas, securecrt, secureftp, sftp, sgivarsityprogram, sigmaplot, sigmastat, sophos, spss, stata, symantec, textpad, trendmicro, virex, widgetsoft, xythos, absolute ftp, acrobat, active virus defense, adobe, allaire, arcgis, arcview, arcims, arcsde, arcpad, arcinfo, assimilator, compaq, cslg, datacomet, dell, dnastar, dreamweaver, fetch, filemaker, gateway, ghost, hewlett-packard, hp, ibm, lotus, labview, jmp, landesk, lasergene, macromedia, maple, mathematica, sgi, spss science, trend micro, mocasoft 3270, matlba, AbsoluteFTP license, license, licensing, liccencing, licencing, download, downloads, methametica, software licensing, sas software, licnese, free licenses, licences, software licensing database, licence, macfee, Site licencese, download software, mcaffee, software license, agreements, spss license, software database, licensed software, site licence, site license, software licenses, sofos, NACS Software License Database, software dataase, fetch 52
LifeLine Modem Pool dialup, internetconnection, lifelinemodem, modem, modempool, modems, off campus connect, dial-up, dial up, modem pool, lifeline, ppp
Macintosh Support Services macintoshsupport, macsupport, mac archive, mac software, mac os x, macintosh, mac archives
My.Name @ mydotname, myname,, staff aliases,, email alias, my name, my name email
Email Quota Information emailquota, overquota, quota, Home Directory, purchase email, email quota, qouta upgrade, disk space, quotas, home directory over quota, over quota, faculty email quota
Employment Opportunities employment, hiring, jobs, job, careers, job postings, nacs job, uci jobs, jobs in uci
OIT Computer Labs computerlabs, computinglabs, labs, labschedule, nacslabs, computer lab, lab, computer labs, instructional lab, computer lba, nacs labs, MSTB, student center nacs, NACS computer lab
Campus Computer Labs campus labs, biological sciences computing lab, ics lab, uci computer lab, open access lab, computer lab hours
Licensing Agreements bulklicenses, licenses, licensingagreements, matlab, mcafee, software, softwarelicenses
PC Archive microft software, pc archive, pcsoftware, windows software, pc-archive, pc archiv
Service Request Form srf, service request, service request form, work order, network request, disconnect phone
Services Price List equipment service price list, price, price list, service prices, prices, NACS charges
Spam Detection spam, spamassassin, uce, unsolicited email, junk email, how do i block out an e mail, junk mail, spam.htm, spam filters, spam tools, UCI mail spam, spam assassin
Mailing Lists nacs mailing lists, nacs seminars, security alerts, ucinet announce, ucicscg, eee announce, dcslib announce, uci giganet, uci scicomp, ucinet wireless, webauth announce, windows support, labview users group, uci mac, uci linux, uci palm, uc antivirus, uc corptime, uc webmail, uccsc, mail list create, how to make a mailing list
Google Apps for UCI G-mail, googlecom, google apps for UCI, gmailcom, google calendar, Google Apps, gmail, googleapp, google email, Google, gmail reset, googleapp, google, g mail, google apps, gmail, google apps for UCI, googleapps, Google Aps, uci gmail, googleapss, google app, gmail uci, UCI Google Docs, google uci, uci email to google, gooleapps
My Email Options vacation, vacation email, vacation program, spam filter, white list, spam exeptions, quota check, Vacation Notice, vacation mail, vacation response, Vacation email message, vacation message, vacation resonse, my email options, filtering, vacation messsage, vaction, vacation stop, vocation response, away message, email options, auto reply, vacatin\', options folder, my email, turn off vacation notice, email administration, vacaton, out of office, Vacation e-mail, vacation messages, vacation setting, filter spam, spam filtering, vacation email settings, out of the office autoreply, email option, myemail, vacation request form, email vacation, vacaation, vacation mode, vacation email notice, vacation form, e-mail options, my e-mail options, vacation allerts, vacation msg, out of office reply, out-of-office, vcation response, vacation email reply, enmail option, my email option, vacaton email, my e-mail, vacation note, mail vacation, out off office message, vacation e mail, vacation e-mail notice
Network Connections network connections, network installations, install, data line, ethernet, phonenet, jack outlet, disconnect
PhUpdate phupdate, update directory, update phonebook, phudate, update information, ph update, ph setup, phone book update, update phone info, update directory info, wwwucieduphupdate, phupdates, Update electoronic phone book, ph lookup
Phishing Email phishing, phish, fish, email scam, email fraud
Smartphones handheld, iphone setup, smartphone, iphione, iphone email, iphone and oracle, iphone vpn, oracle calendar iphone, blackberry, iphone mail, treo setup, iphone connect, setup e-mail on phone, wireless for iphone, itouch, treo configuration, treo email setup, iPhone, treo and oracle, Treo, email on iphome, iphones, iPhone set up, Email iphone, i phone, android, email access from mobile device, how to set up email via Iphone, smart phones, smart phone, droid, android email, webmail iphone, ipad mail, ipod touch, smartphones, wifi iphone, email on Iphone, iphone email setup, nacs exchange iphone, how to conncet ipod touch to wifi, iPhone 4, Downloading email for iPhone, ipad, mobile email
Network Ports Blocked port blockade, netbios, ports blocked, block ports
Network Services mobile access, modem, dns, ucinet, uci net, UCInetwork, network, network connection, internet
Research Computing Support rcs, research, research computing, research computing support, research labs
School Computing Coordinators scc, school computing coordinators, computing managers, ucc
SSH - Secure Shell ssh, secure shell, secure telnet, telnet, shell, x term, xterm, web ssh, ssh shell
Spyware spyware, adware, ad-ware, ad aware, adaware
Classroom Network class net, classnet, dynamic dns, DHCP
Network & Computer Security windows update, spybot
Email Set Up eudora, outlook, thunderbird, entourage, imap, pop, email set up, smtp, mailbox, os x mail, outlook express, wireless email on cell phone, setup outlook, mac mail, mac mail setup, Eudora 7, thunderbrid, mail client, setup, email client, how to set up mali, eudora set up, outlook setup, microsoft outlook, mail servers, using outlook, email setup, incoming mail ip, oputlook, pop 3, email pop, ssl pop, ENTOURAGE MAC, check email, how to mail, email settings, setting up, enterauge, pop mail, microsoft exchange, outlook email, setting up thunderbird, apple mail, set up webmail with outlook, incoming server, outgoing smtp, popmail, tunderbird, outlook 2003, email secure server, incoming mail outlook, outlook setting, pop server, e-mail client, how to use outlook express, setting up mail program, imap osx, using outlook with webmail, how to set up outlook express, eudora setup, pop account, connect with outlook, POP mail', set up outlook, how to se up outlook express, incoming mail server, mail-osx-imap, email check, pop email, imap server, windows mail, outgoing mail, configure an e-mail client, mail thunder bird, log in to email, setting up e-mail, microsoft outlook 2003, outgoing server, email program, apple mail campus network, Mail on mac, mail for mac, imap settings, incoming server email, email configuration, thundermail, email pop3, eudora pop setup, pop instructions, off campus email set up, setup email naccs, outgoing mail server address, email pop3uciedu, account type for email, e-mail setup, email setting, thunderbird setup, thunderbird email, pop accounts, edora, email set up mac, incoming mail, smtp port, edoura, apple mail imap, mail set up, nacs imap, APPLEMAIL, thunderbird set up, email inbox, how do i check my e-mail, thunderdird, Euroda setup, pop access, eudera, apple mail 20, email thundirbird, mail server, POP setup, mozilla thunderbird, eudura, setting up email, outgoing mail server, using thunderbird, setting up email account on Apple Mail, e-mail settings, set up email accounts, imap configuration, Mac Email, imap set up, outlook e-mail, configure outlook, thiunderbird, uci and thunderbird, email server, check my email, email outlook, pop thunderbird, eudora email settings, imap pop, thunderbird imap, student inbox, mac apple mail, activate email address, how to download email, set up email on mac, how to set up email
Student Electronic Broadcast System (SEBS) sebs, student electronic broadcast system, student email, student mail list, email group, email groups, broadcast, student broadcast, student broacast
Summary of Telephone Services telephone services, calling cards, telephone repair, infomail training, voicemail, infomail, voice over ip, ip telephony, quest calling card, multiple line, Phone Number Upgrade, voice mail, Conference calls, calling card, conference phone rental
Technology Training training, technology training, workshop, seminar, excel training, orcale calendar training, oracle calendar class, Oracle calendar training
Campus Directory campus phone book, phone book, directory, phone numbers, phonebook, query ldap, online directory, ph, phonenumbers, professor email search, email search, phone directory, instructor email address, phne book, uci phonebook, telephone directory, uci address book, ph directory, student and staff directory, looking up classmate emails, email adress search, professors email address, nacs directory, uci phone directory, UCI electronic phone book
Mailing Lists mailing lists, mail lists, listserv, mailman, listserve, mailing list, list serv, maillist, maillists, listservs, mailling list, list serve, create email list, email lists, listserves, mail list, listserver, list server, e-mail lists, mailinglists, mail man, mailign list, mailman list, mailmain, email list, creating list serves, uci mailing lists, nacs listserv
UCI SubDomain Guidelines subdomain, domain, domain name, top level domain, toplevel domain, top level domain names
VPN Services cisco vpn, virtual private network, vpn, vpn client, proxy, vnp, VPN TUNNEL MAC, web proxy, login vpn, vpmn, vpn connection, cisco client, vpn software for mac, uci vpn, vpn software, vpn install, VPN login, linux vpn, vpn download, vpn software, using vpn, vpn access, Why should I use the VPN, vpn apple, VPN advanced, vpn sign in, vpn settings, download vpn, proxy setting, mobile vpn, vpn client window 7, vpnclient, VPN iPad, vpn setup, vpn client download, anyconnect
UCInet Mobile Access mobile, wifi, wireless, mobile access, wireless router, UCInet mobile access, Mobile acess, wirless, wireless on campus, connecting to uci mobil access, wireless ip address, uci net mobile access, remote access, airport, wireless network, mobil net, wi-fi, essid, wireless access, wireless computer, wap, laptop wireless, uci net mobile, wireless network, wireless internet, connected to the wireless connection, uci mobile access, mobile acces, wirelesss, wireless internet mac, guest wifi, wireless access for students, UCI wireless, 80211 g, wireless connection, how to access wireless, wirless mac uci mobile, wifi access, mobil access, ucimcnet mobile access, ucinet mobile, nacs mobile, wi fi, ucinet mobil access, uci mobile, uci mobuile access, uci mobil, campus wireless, Uci wifi
UCInet Mobile Access Registration registration, wifi registration, mobile registration, mac address, register MAC, MAC registration, register, regristration, macaddress, mac, wireless mac address, register mac address, register my mac address, mac address registration, wireless registration, mad address, registering for wireless, mac register, register on ucinet, mac wireless, mac address apple computers, register computer, register wirelss laptop, wireless registrtation, computer registration, register computer network, mac adress, registering for oncampus wireless, register wireless, registering my mac address, de-register mac, register my computer, add mac address, registering a laptop computer, register a mac, mobile access registration, deregister mac address, guest wireless, register laptop, register a mac address, add mac, wireless access mac, register your mac address, guest regestration, registering my laptop, register wifi, wired registration, add mac address uci mobile net access, mac mobile access, multiple MAC addresses, more than one MAC address, register more than one MAC address, add wired connection, mac reg, how to get mac address, how can i know my system mac address, mac addresss, register computer mac, add a mac address, registering mac address, what is my MAC address, register computer wifi, mac id register, Registered by UCInet Mobile Access Express Registration, wireless registeration, ucinet mobile access log in, mobile access administration, wifi register
Virus Information virus scan, virus, worm, computer virus, viruses, antivirus, antivirus purchase, antivirus software, anitvirus, anti virus, virusscan, IP Telephony, antiviral software, anti0virus, anti virus download
UCInet Tools ip locator, network tool, tool, tools, applicant log in faq, ucinet tools
UCInetID Activation activate, activate ucinetid, activation, change password, password, where do i access my ucinet id, activate ucinet id,,, ucinetid activation, reactivate ucinetid, Activating UCInetid, activateuciedu, ucinetid registration, reset my password
UCInetID Information ucinetid, network id, log into netid, ucnetid, ucinet id, uci net id, log in UCInetID, UCI net login, uc inetid, Individual UCInetIDs, net id, uci id, campus id, campusid, UCInet ID login, ucinetid log in, sign in, manage ucinetids, uci netids log in, email login, ucidnet, get UCINetID, UCInetiD for authentication, netID, uci net id login, UCInetID login, ucintid
Web Hosting Services web hosting, web development, webspace, webhosting, website, web page, web resources, web services
Browser Standards browser standards, supported web browsers, browser support, web standards, supported browsers
WebAuth webauth, login, web authentication, single sign on, web authorization, log in, using webauth, authentication, web auth, custom webauth, webauth javascritp, webauth registration, webuth, webauth help, webauth logout, customize webauth, UCInetID Secure Web Login
WebFiles file storage, web based file storage, webfiles, web files, webfolder, webdav,,, webspac, web space, webfile, webfile uci, webfiles uci, web file, webfiles instruction, webfiels, uci webfile
WebVPN webvpn, web vpn, vpnweb, vpn log in, webpvn, web pvn, vpn web
Webmail webmail, web mail, web based email, squirrel mail, uci webmail pop, uciWebmail, webmail imap, squirrelmail, squirrel mail, unix web mail,, web email log in, wwebmail, email log in, uci webmail login, webmai;, webmail pop, UCI WebMail, webamil, webmail version, webmail server address, webmail login, webmial, webmailuciedu, check mail, webmail uci, nacs webmail, webmaiil, log in email, uci web mail, webmai, web mail
IP Info Tool OIT IP Information Tool, iplocator, NACS IP Lookup, ip tools, IP lookup
Email & UCInetID passwords change passwrod, forgot password, changing password, password change, chnage passworde, password rules, change pass world, ucinetid password, change webmail password, forgot, email password, uci net id password, pasword, password reset, change ucinet password, change my password, UCI net ID pass word, online password reset, reset password, change passwords, nacs password reset, password update, how to change password, ucinetid password reset, ucinetid reset password, lost password, change my email password, how to change my password, change uci password, webmail password change, change email password, change passward, changing my password, password question, uci net id password change
EEE Workshops faculty training, seminars, ta training, training, workshops, eee workshop
Blocked List blocked system, blocked list, mac address block, top talker, top talkers, block, blocked, block list, blocked ip, blcoked, clear block, top talk, nacs top talkers, blockd system, block ip, ucinet id block, blocked system list, unblock, blcok, blocked hosts, banned computers, blocked computers, ip block, blocked servers, blocked ports, blocklist, blocked up, blocking, blocked host, blocked mac address, blocked ip address, blocked systems
Safe Computing safe computing, security tips, data security, email security,, student acess, sensitive data, Virus protection, securityuciedu
Campus Help Desks help desks, local support, help desk, helpdesks, helpdesk, ics network support, biological sciences help desk, bio sci help desk, end-user support, help desk medical center, hsis help desk
Digital Camera Check Out digital camera, camera check out, camera
Instructional Computing Labs instructional labs, classroom labs, Instructional, guest id lab, mstb room schedule
Smart Classrooms smart classroom, smartclassroom, smart classrooms, smartclassrooms, smart class room
Distributed Computing Support dcs, distributed computing support, unix, sys admin, system administration, solaris 10, distributed computing, dcs support
Academic Data Center acd, academic data center, data center, machine room, server room, co-host, Server Rack, adc, datacenter, colocation, co-location, EG Machine Room
UCOP Directory Search UC Directory, UCOP Directory
Web Developers Group web dev, web developers group, webdev, web developers, nacs web developers, web guidelines, web developer, uci web developers
Matlab License Info install matlab, matlab dat file, matlab .dat file, matlab licenses, matlab linux
DUE division of undergraduate education
Lab Schedule Request Form request form, schedule, schedule lab, reserve lab, lab request
Help Desk help, FTP, support team, absolute fto, absolute ftb, FTP program, Absolute FT, wsftp, absolute ft[, oit rc, help ticket, radio trouble ticket, connect ftp server, RC, noc, network operations center, response center, oit help, social ecology help desk, NACS Response Center, ftp unix, ftp uci, help desk 4-222, ftps, nacs help desk, contact helpdesk, OIT Help Desk
Printing in the OIT Labs printing, print, lab prints, payprint, print card, color printing, print cards, printer, printing in the lab, nacs print card
Data Warehouse datawarehouse, data warehouse
Laptop Computer Support in OIT Labs laptop
UCInetID FAQ log in uciNet, log in to UCI Applicant, student login, I forgot my UCInetID, log on to ucinet, LOGIN UCINET, Log in UCI net ID, uciunetid, LOGIN UCI, forgot uc id, sign in UCInetID, change uci netid, log on UCInetID, my uci net id login, netd login in, secure login, UCID, UCI net ID log in, UCInetID sign in, ucinet log in, ucinetid sign in, log in to my ucinet, uci login, DEACTIVATE UCINETID, forgot ucinetid, forget my uci id net, forgottenUCInetID, UCInet Login, login UCInetID, UCi netID log in, sign on with uci netID, login in UCI net, How to do you activate email, login to ucinet, UCInetIDs login, forgot UCI net ID, uci id net login, activate email, past password, forget UCINetID, This account or host has been temporarily locked out from too many unsuccessful logins, login to ucinetid, forgot my UCInetID, what is my ucinetid, log in to UCInetID, login to uci net id, UCInetIDlogin, log in to UCnetID, log in my UCInet ID
About OIT org, NACS department, policies, ABOUT NACS
Clubs at UCI clubs
Anti-spam Technical Details uci discard, greylisting
Instant Messaging Instant messaging, IM, Instant message, jabber, gaim, aim aol, chat, ichat, instant messaging clients, aim, UCI Jabber, messeging, instant messenger, messaging, pidgin
Telephone Training Guide diverting calls to cell phone, International Dialing Instructions, 3-way calling, conference call, conference, tap, check voicemail, access voicemail from off-campus, telephone guide, diverting calls, three way calling, international calling instructions, forwarding telephone, follow me, follow-me, phone manual, voice mail instructions, transfer a call, how to check voicemail, telephone training guide, forwarding calls, phone forward, how to access voicemail, telephone forward, foward calls, change voicemail, Setting up voicemail, forward calls, call forwarding, follow me calling, how to set voicemail password, how to transfer calls, phone guide, telephone instructions, voice mail message
EEE Staff Instructional computing specialist, eee developers
DNS Security Change dns server, name servers, domain name server
Computing Resources computers, computer
SAIS: Student Access enrollment window, student access, gpa calculator, gradebook, studentaccess, student sccess, stuucent access, student access, enrollment, student acsses
UC Irvine uci,,,, uci home, uci homepage, main home page, wwwuciedu
Human Resources human resources, personnel, human rescources
University Club university club, uclub
UCInet Mobile Access Setup wireless setup, wireless set up, setting up laptop, mac set up, wireless setup guide, set up wireless, wireless card
WebSOC web soc, websoc, course schedule, soc, webspoc, classes, schedule of classes, class schedule
UCI Replay Podcasting, UCI Relay, Replay, UCI Replay
Network Address IP address, ip
FedEx Intranet Ship fed x, fedex, uship, fed ex
WebGrades grades, grade, check your grades, check grades, submitting grades, webgrades, webgrade page, Grade Submittal
Netreo netreo
OIT Staff hudack, staff, nacs staff, staff names, nacs head, NACS director, dana roode
Basic Network Services router, set up router, lan connections, broadcom
Computer Accounts connecting to unix,, ea oac, ea, unix servers, e4e, Orion accounts, unix account, e4e account
Webmail FAQ webmail faqs, email on phone, webmail help, maximum email size, email size, maximum email attachment
Audience Response System audience, prs, ars, audience response system, clickers, response system, clicker, iclicker
New LDAP Schema new campus ldap
Laptop Loan Service rent laptop
Meet Me Conference Call meet me, meetme, MeetMe, Conference Call VoIP, conference phone
Secure POP secure pop, port 995
FTP for Windows absoluteftp, fttp, file, ftp client
Step Up UCI step up, stepup, stepu
UCI Libraries library, science library, libraries, labrary, UCI library online resources, uci library
PubMed pubmed
Secure CRT secure crt
Financial Aid and Scholarships my aid, financial aid, log onto my aid, finacial aid
UC - At Your Service pay stub, at your service, ucinet id change,, at my service, at your servece, atyourservice, at you service
WebReg webreg, web reg, class registration, register for classes, registering for classes, web registration, uci webreg
School of Biological Sciences bio
On-Line Directory Update System (OLDUS) oldus, directory coordinator, DIRECTORY LAUNCH PAGE
University of California other uc campuses, uci home page, uciedu
Cisco Clean Access clean access, clean access agent, cisco clean access, cisco clean agent, cisco, cisco clean, clean, Cisco Clean Acess
FaceBook, facebookcom, wwwfacebookcom, facebook
Alumni Email Forwarding alumni email, alumni mail, alumni forwarding, change e-mail to alumini, uci email alumni, alumni e-mail, alumni email forwarding, alumni, ucinetid for alumni, email alumni, email after graduation, alumni forward, ucinetid alumni, alumni webmail, graduated email, graduating email, alumni fowarding, transfer to alumni email, alumni UCnetID, Forwarding alumni email address, email for alumni students, alumni emial, alumni forwarding email, alum sign in
OIT Training Lab training lab, AIRB
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences ics, uci-ics
Area Code Map area code
Residential Network Services resnet, Verano housing internet, residential network, residential service, housing, housing network, res net, residential networking, verano, dorm internet, clean access agent download, dorm wireless, clen access, Clean Access download, cisco clean access agent
ICS Computer Labs ics login
Safely Install Windows REINSTALL WINDOWS
EEE Evaluations evaluations, class evaluations
Voice Over IP Telephony (VoIP) ipphone, ip phone, VoIP Migration Strategy, avaya phone, voip, voip phone setting
Campus Billing Services zot, zot bill, December ZOT bill, bill, zotbill, zot pay
UCI Health Sciences Webmail medical center webmail
Alumni Association alumni access, alumni acsess, Alumni foundation, alumniuciedu
UCI Sub Domains domain names
Student Billing student billing, zot account, zotaccount, billing, Student Billing System
Cingular Wireless at UCI cingular
Getting Started with Email for Faculty, Staff and Guests faculty email
Transcript Requests transcripts, order transcripts, transcript
SSH on a Macintosh ssh terminal os x
UCI Libraries - Online Research Databases expanded academic asap, expanded ASAP, Psych Info Database, Expanded Academic ASAP.
DCS Technical Documentation install red hat
Download Eudora Update Eudora, eudora dowload, eudora download, eudora license, download Eudora, eudora 7 installer, download mac eudora
Sending Email Sent email, ip smtp server, smtp ip address
Projects project request, project, projects
Reporting a Security Problem stolen laptop, Reporting a Compromise, compromise, Reporting a breach, breach
Download Acrobat Reader pdf
Oxford English Dictionary oed
OIT Organizational Chart org chart, organiztion chart, organizational chart, organization chart, NACS management, oit org chart, OIT management
Third Party UCInetIDs third party id, third party access
UCI Video Conference Solutions video conference, teleconference
Anti-Virus Software free anti-virus, free enti-virus, Anti-Virus, free anti virus, viruscan, apple anti-virus, virus software
Office of the Registrar registrar, reguciedu, registar
Service Tools service tools, SRF status
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What's My IP Address? find ip address, ipaddress, my ip address, how to find ip address, what is ip address, what is my ip address, my ip, what\'s my ip, what is my IP?, what is my ip, whats my ip address, whats my ip, Whats MY IP Adress, ip tool, email ip address, what is my IP, show my ip, what ip, what ip address, what is my IPddress, look up my ip addrfess
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Absolute FTP Download asboluteftp, asbolute ftp, absolute ftp download, absoulute ftp, absolute fps, download ftp, Download absolute FTP, abslute ftp, abosolute ftp, download absolute, absolute, absolut ftp
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MSTB 226 Lab Configuration mathcad
EEE Image Resize Tool imageresize
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School of Social Ecology social ecology
Grunigen Medical Library uci medical library, medical library, grunigen
Office of Registrar, Add, Drop, Change Policy drop class, add class, change class
Choosing a Good Password passwords
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Legal Music download music, cdigix, mindawn
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Mission Statement mission statement
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800 MHz Radios radio, 800MHz radio, Motorola, MTS2000, Radio User Guide, Emergency Channel
IIP: Staff Database staff database, nacs staff database
MPC Software fortran compiler
Office of Research office of research
Infomail Guide check voicemail from home, voice mail from home, voice mail training guide, retrieve voicemail, info mail guide, voicemail manual, using voicemail, voicemail set-up
Library - Electronic Reserves (E-Reserve) e reserve
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OGS: Student Teaching Union teacher union
Music Department music
Associated Students asuci
SHI: UC Wide Software Reseller CDWG, cdwg, cdw-g, cdw, CDW, CDW-G, SHI
Computer Ergonomics rsi, ergonomics, Computer Ergonomics
Lab B scanner
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UC Application Status my aid application status, applicant, my application uci, application statusd, status check, application status, admission status, status, admissions status, check status, acceptance, admission decision, admission decisions, check application status, my application, admissions decisions, am i accepted, check admission status, Login to my UCI net application status, admisson decision, admissions decision, application staus, application acceptance, how to check if you got accepted
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Freshman Orientation orientation, freshmen orientation, spop, summer orientation
Parking Permits parking permit
DCSLib dcslib
Testing Office placement testing, testing, testing center
Summer Session summer school, summer session, summer registration
UCInet Mobile Access Configuration applicant login faq, ssid, setting up wireless, wireless guide, wireless set up guide
Bebo, bebo
Ericsson Phone Guide ericcson phone
Peer to Peer Connections p2p
Testing Center - Results test results
Pickett Computing Lab Stephen R Pickett Computing Lab
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Statement of Intent to Register SIR form
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UC Irvine Commencement Graduation, commencement, graduate commencement
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Time Reporting System timesheet
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DUE-IT due computer support
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My Admissions Application myadmissionsapplication, my admissions application, myapplication, myadmissions, view application, my admission, check admissions, my admission application, my admissions page, addmissions
Statment of Intent to Register SIR, Statement of intent to register, statement of intent, intent to register, statment of intent, S I R, SIR application
College of Health Sciences health sciences
Applicant FAQ applicant faq, applicants, application log in, aid aPPLICATION STATUS, applicant login, applicant saq, applicants faq, applicantsaq, applicant log in, student applicants, student applicant
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