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SunOS : New Kernel Patch

Sun(sm) Alert Notification 
Sun Alert ID: 57504 
Synopsis: Solaris 8 Patch 108528-17 Through 108528-29 and Solaris 9 Patch 112233-03 Through 112233-11 May Delay Execution of Real Time and Other High Priority Processes 
Category: Availability 
Product: Solaris 
BugIDs: 4912731 
Avoidance: Workaround, Patch 
State: Resolved 
Date Released: 26-Feb-2004, 23-Apr-2004 
Date Closed: 23-Apr-2004 
Date Modified: 18-Mar-2004, 23-Apr-2004 
1. Impact 
Patches shown below in Contributing Factors may delay execution of real time and other high priority processes by a few milliseconds. 

2. Contributing Factors 
This issue can occur in the following releases: 

SPARC Platform 

Solaris 8 with patch 108528-17 through 108528-29 and without patch 117000-01 
Solaris 9 with patch 112233-03 through 112233-11 and without patch 112233-12 
x86 Platform 

Solaris 8 without patch 117001-01 
Solaris 9 without patch 112234-12 
Note: The described issue only occurs with the execution of real time and other high priority processes. This issue has no effect on the normal functionality of the system. 

3. Symptoms 
If the described issue occurs, a delay of a few milliseconds may be experienced when real time and high priority processes are executed. 

Solution Summary Top 

4. Relief/Workaround 
To work around the described issue, edit the "/etc/system" file and decrease the number of pages the memory scrubber scans on every call as shown below: 

    set memscrub_span_pages=4      
Note: A system reboot is required for the above change to take affect. 

5. Resolution 
This issue is addressed in the following releases: 

SPARC Platform 

Solaris 8 with patch 117000-01 or later 
Solaris 9 with patch 112233-12 or later 
x86 Platform 

Solaris 8 with patch 117001-01 or later 
Solaris 9 with patch 112234-12 or later 
Change History 

Updated Contributing Factors, Relief/Workaround, and Resolution Sections 

State: Resolved 
Updated Contributing Factors and Resolution sections