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MAC : Lasso updated for security flaw.

	A security flaw was recently discovered in the CGI application
Lasso, from BlueWorld Communications.  Lasso allows data from a FileMaker
Pro database to be published on the world wide web (WWW).  From BlueWorld's
information, "This hole allows Lasso to return files which have the creator
code of 'WWW<omega symbol>'."

	Mac OS, WebStar-compliant web server, with Lasso.

	Lasso updates are available from Blue World Communications.

	Macintouch: http://www.macintouch.com/
	Blue World Communications: http://www.blueworld.com/

UCI Resolution:
	Update your copy of Lasso immediately. Copies of the updaters for
Lasso are available from UCI's Macintosh software Archive, in the
Updaters:Lasso folder.
	OAC Macintosh Archive home page:

Office of Academic Computing               oac@uci.edu
E2130 Engineering Gateway                  (714) 824-6116
UC Irvine