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Thursday July 24th, 2014

Abstract Submission

Important Dates (revised):

Abstract Submission:

In order to have your paper included in the Research Computing Symposium, please follow the submission process described here. Basically, you should:

Presentation Topics:

We wish to encourage presenters broadly at all levels of proficiency; to put this another way, the Symposium is about "computing used in research" and strives to encourage discourse on and awareness of new techniques and methods. So basically, anything you can think of in the research computing space can be presented as long as it's fun, entertaining, and potentially useful to other researchers. The following list of potential topics is stimulative, not reflective of our guidelines (of which there are none).

Abstracts accepted as of May 27th

Presentation Formats:

Lightning-Talk Oral Papers

Lightning talks are short oral presentations with, or without, computer-assist, timed to last no longer than the limit (5 minutes in this case). See the Wikipedia description and if interested, read a HOWTO. They are meant as a way to ease into a formal presentation for the speaker and to review many topics on a subject for the listeners. Since the time period is short, the emphasis is placed on getting across a single point and if people are interested, to follow up later, at a poster paper. Speakers should provide a link to a corresponding web page, contact information, and perhaps, additional information, if desired.

Poster Papers

Poster papers remain an excellent way to present a complex story in detail. The organization and layout of the poster, and the author's grasp of the subject are key to being able to allow an interested viewer to comprehend the thesis and provide meaningful feedback. The poster should be mounted on foamcore board, with a maximum format of 3ft H x 4ft W.

If the presenter desires access to 115VAC power and a network connection, they should request this at the time of submission. The specific format and approach for poster presentations will follow the UROP Guidelines. Another useful guide to poster design and layout can be found here.

Abstract Format:

All submissions should be emailed to: For all presentation formats, we ask that you provide:

The abstract should be submitted as part of the email, or as a plain text or PDF attachment. An abstract submission template is available for downloading.

Example of an abstract submission:

     Presenter's Name: Gary Kasparov 
        Collaborators: Geoff Smith, Rebecca Jones, Bruce Willis
   Faculty advisor(s): Alex Einstein and Chuck Darwin
   Department, School: Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
   Presentation Title: A Perl script to classify growth of
                       antibiotic-resistant colonies using digital
                       image capture.
Abstract (<250 words):

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(Optional) Project URL:<>

Questions, please contact: