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Please keep a running log of what you found confusing in this document and return it to the Help Desk when finished. Your pain will be a colleague's gain. Thanks to Anne Sakai, Bob Newcomb, Lyle Wiedeman, Aisa Green, Jiawei Chen & Rob Wallace this installation is much less confusing than it once was.

1. Introduction

First, do you really want to install a new version of SAS? Some people do not. If you just want to renew your current SAS 9.3 or 9.2 installation, you can renew it with the license file provided by OIT. Simply run the Renew SAS Software program that is located here:

To renew SAS 9.3, visit the following:

*[Start Menu -> Programs -> SAS -> Utilities -> Renew SAS Software

To renew SAS 9.2, visit the following:

*[Start Menu -> Programs -> SAS -> SAS 9.2 License Renewals Utilities -> Renew SAS Software

If you do want to install the newest version of SAS, please use the following steps, which are expanded below:

Some warnings about this installation
  1. It is HIGHLY Reccomended this installation be performed from the main campus and connected to a hard wire ethernet jack.

  2. SAS must be installed on Professional/Enterprise levels of Windows ONLY

  3. This installation will very likely not work if you are trying to install it from off the main Irvine campus (your IP number must start with 128.200 or 128.195), from the wireless network on campus, or campus residence halls. It may work if you establish a Virtual Private Network to UCI first. However, given SAS' size and your connection speed to the internet may be very slow to install.

  4. If a phrase is surrounded by square brackets, [like this], the brackets are used to set off the phrase. Do not enter the brackets as part of phrase if required.

2. Obtain the SAS License file

If the license file for SAS on Windows was not supplied with this doc, email for the file and store it on your Desktop.

3. Connect to the SAS installation materials over the network

4. Run the installation program

5. Disconnect from the network.