There are several menus you can pop up that have useful functions:

Connect to other hosts

If you move the mouse cursor to the root window and press down the left button, a menu will pop up. This is called the "Connect to other hosts" menu. This allows you to start up an xterm window on other hosts. Choose one of the listed hosts, or chose the "Other systems" item to connect to a system whose name you will specify.


When you press the middle button with the mouse cursor in the root window, you will get the "Windows" menu. This allows you to open new shell windows on the local system, or start X clients to read mail, look at manual pages and many other things.

Screen Stuff

The "Screen Stuff" menu (which you get by pressing the right mouse button) allows you to manipulate your X11 environment. For example, if you wish kill one of your windows, pop up the "Screen Stuff" menu and select "Destroy Client". The mouse cursor will change into a skull-and-crossbones which you then position on the window you want to kill. Press the left button and the selected window goes away. Another important item on this menu is the "Exit from X" selection.

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