Blind Lists

There are two different types of so-called "blind addressing" of messages: "blind carbon copies" and "blind lists". The BCC: field allows you to add recipients to your message just like those who are CC'd, but the normal recipients will not see that the BCC: recipients were copied on the message, their replies will not go to the blind recipients, and the blind recipients cannot (easily) reply to the message.

The second type of blind mailing is actually called a "group address list", although it is commonly referred to as a "blind list". The format of this type of address is

where the "phrase" is any English phrase of one or more words, and the "address_list" consists of one or more addresses separated by commas. The recipients of a message addressed in this fashion will see simply phrase : ; so when they reply to the message, their reply will come only to the sender (or the Reply-To: field, if one was specified), rather than going to all the recipients of the original list. For example, to use a group address list for the "friends" alias you would type: To: My best friends: friends; This type of group address is very useful for sending mail to groups of related people, such as all the people working on a particular research project.

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